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Currently we have our themes and configurations grouped into three categories. Fvwm 2.x Standard format Themes conform to the guidelines in the How-to Submit page, and have been tested and found to function under Fvwm version 2.2.2. Fvwm 2.x non-standard themes do not conform to the standard format, and may or may not work without hacking. Fvwm 1.x non-standard group contains all the Fvwm 1.x configurations available.

All the Fvwm 2.x configurations that do not conform to the standard format in the how-to submit section are here. They may require extensive modification to work correctly on your system. We do not accept further additions to this section.

Thumbnail Zinc by Patrick Finerty Fvwm 2.0.45+
A kind-of futuristic, metallic looking setup. Simple and unobtrusive. Uses modules: FvwmAuto, FvwmBacker, FvwmBanner, FvwmButtons, FvwmForm, FvwmPager. >256 colors
Custom Icons
Screenshot Download Theme README

Thumbnail Acavallo by Antonio Cavallo Fvwm 2.0.45+
This is my first attempt to write an fvwm2rc using Debian fvwm2rc style and files, heavly modified: I hope you like it. Uses modules: FvwmBanner, FvwmButtons.
Ed. Comment- This is a very attractive and clean set up, with flat titles and decorations and an easy interface.
? colors
Std Icons
Screenshot Download Theme README

Thumbnail CD-player by Kendrick Vargas Fvwm 2.0.45+
Extreemly attractive. FVWM Resource clobbered the heck out of this config to get it to run. If you want the original self-installing scripts email FVWM Resource.
This is a configuration for Fvwm2 that looks sorta like a CD-Player... I deliberately went for this look, using gradients to give a sort-of bezel effect to windows. I also designed icons to look like common CD transport buttons.
>256 colors
Custom Icons
Screenshot Download Theme README

Thumbnail Stone by Austin Donnelly Fvwm 2.0.45+
Simple but functional configuration with marble effect borders around the windows. It is the result of 3 or 4 years of evolved use. It relies on the Decors stuff that was first introduced in 2.0.45. It uses the FvwmPager modules, but the other modules are available on a menu. >256 colors
STD Icons
Screenshot Download Theme README

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