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The best way to start is to download our example package, example.tar.gz.
Inside this example file you will find: Directory named plain with:

If you are unable to produce the gif and png files, please upload an appropriately sized screenshot and thumbnail in one of the following: png, gif, jpeg, tif.

Fvwm 1.x configurations do not have to comply to any set format, however, they should work with fvwm 1.24r since that is the last release.

Please respect the copyrights on all artwork, icons, and other tidbits you use in your theme. Acknowledge the copyrights that apply in your *.lsm file. If you choose for your theme to be 100% free state it as such, you could also GPL your theme, or reserve it for non-commercial use.

In an effort to allow people free expression without censorship, yet not offend those who do not with to see "questionable" screenshots. Any screenshots with profane nudity or graphic violence will carry a warning before showing the image.

When your theme is done you can upload it to ftp://fvwm.xirr.com/pub/wyvren/incoming/

Questions or comments? Email us here: The Fvwm Resource
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