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Currently we have our themes and configurations grouped into three categories. Fvwm 2.x Standard format Themes conform to the guidelines in the How-to Submit page, and have been tested and found to function under Fvwm version 2.2.2. Fvwm 2.x non-standard themes do not conform to the standard format, and may or may not work without hacking. Fvwm 1.x non-standard group contains all the Fvwm 1.x configurations available.

All of the Fvwm 1.x configurations are available here regardless of format. I personally plan on using Fvwm 1.24r forever, so this will be the world's last reservoir of Fvwm 1.x information. Enjoy...

Thumbnail Spartan by Roberts Fvwm 1.x
This is the configuration I actually use! Its terribly simple, I have been using it for about 5 years. You can never get tired of solid darkslategrey! <256 colors
Std icons
100% Free
Screenshot Download Theme README

Thumbnail Dusty 3d by Roberts 1.x with m4
A variation on a S.U.S.E configuration using some attractive MAC OS Icons. Dusty 3d is setup to be grey, washed-out and easy to look at for long hours. M4 and the GoodStuff modules are both used. The icon path is a bit weird, be sure to modify it correctly. <256 colors
MacOs icons
100% Free
Screenshot Download Theme README

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