- the FVWM command line interface


       FvwmTalk is spawned by fvwm, so no command line invocation
       will work.


       The FvwmTalk allows the user to type fvwm commands into  a
       window, and have them executed immediately. These commands
       are usually specfified in the .fvwmrc file, or  are  bound
       to  menu/mouse items as specified in that file. This tools
       is  particularly  useful  for  testing  new  configuration
       ideas, or for implementing temporary changes to your envi-


       The FvwmTalk program, and the concept for interfacing this
       module  to  the  Window  Manager, are all original work by
       Robert Nation

       Copyright 1994, Robert Nation. No guarantees or warranties
       or anything are provided or implied in any way whatsoever.
       Use this program at your own risk. Permission to use  this
       program for any purpose is given, as long as the copyright
       is kept intact.


       So kill me, I can't remember what goes on.


       FvwmTalk can be invoked  by  inserting  the  line  'Module
       FvwmTalk'  in  the  .fvwmrc  file. This can be placed on a
       line by itself, if FvwmTalk is to be spawned during fvwm's
       initialization,  or can be bound to a menu or mouse button
       or keystroke to invoke it later. Fvwm will  search  direc-
       tory  specified  in the ModulePath configuration option to
       attempt to locate FvwmTalk.


       I plead ignorance here. Read the code.


       Robert Nation

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