- the FVWM background changer module


       FvwmBacker  is spawned by fvwm, so no command line invoca-
       tion will work.


       The FvwmBacker module provides functionality to change the
       background  when  changing  desktops.   Any command can be
       executed to change the backgrounds.  Actually,  any  arbi-
       trary command can be sent to fvwm to execute, so you could
       also do things such as changing window border colors, etc.


       The FvwmBacker module is the original work of Mike Finger.

       Copyright 1994, Mike Finger. The author makes  no  guaran-
       tees  or warranties of any kind about the use of this mod-
       ule.  Use this modules at your own risk.  You  may  freely
       use  this  module  or any portion of it for any purpose as
       long as the copyright is kept intact.


       During initialization, FvwmBacker will scan the same  con-
       figuration  file that FVWM used during startup to find the
       options that pertain to it.  These options  are  discussed
       in a later section.


       FvwmBacker can be invoked by fvwm during initialization by
       inserting the line 'Module  FvwmBacker'  in  the  .fvwm2rc

       FvwmBacker  must  reside  in a directory that is listed in
       the ModulePath option of FVWM for it  to  be  executed  by


       The following is the only supported option at present:

       *FvwmBackerDesk DeskNumber command
              Specifies the command to execute when the specified
              DeskNumber becomes active.

              If the command begins with -solid  FvwmBacker  uses
              the  next argument as a color in the X database and
              word color names may be used).  Otherwise the  com-
              mand is sent to fvwm to execute.


       The  following  are  excepts  from  an .fvwm2rc file which
       describe FvwmBacker initialization commands:

       # Set Up Backgrounds for different desktops.
       *FvwmBackerDesk 0 -solid steelblue
       *FvwmBackerDesk 1 -solid midnightblue
       *FvwmBackerDesk 2 -solid yellow
       *FvwmBackerDesk 3 Exec xpmroot /usr/include/X11/pixmaps/background2.xpm


       Mike Finger (mfinger@mermaid.micro.umn.edu)
                   (doodman on IRC, check the #linux channel)

Modified by

       Andrew Davison (davison@cs.monash.edu.au)

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