- the FVWM auto-raise module


       FvwmAuto is spawned by fvwm, so no command line invocation
       will work.  The correct syntax is:

            Module FvwmAuto Timeout [EnterCommand [LeaveCommand]]

            AddToMenu Modules "Modules"      Title
            +                 "Audio"        Module FvwmAudio
            +                 "Auto"         Module FvwmAuto 300 raise lower
            +                 "Buttons"      Module FvwmButtons
            +                 "Ident"        Module FvwmIdent
            +                 "Banner"       Module FvwmBanner
            +                 "Pager"        Module FvwmPager 0 3

       The Timeout argument is required. It specifies how long  a
       window  must  retain  the  keyboard input focus before the
       command is executed. The delay is  measured  in  millisec-
       onds, and any integer 0 or greater is acceptable.

       EnterCommand  and LeaveCommand are optional.  EnterCommand
       is executed Timeout milliseconds after a window  gets  the
       input focus, LeaveCommand is executed Timeout milliseconds
       after the window has lost focus.

       "Raise" is the default for  EnterCommand,  but  any  fvwm2
       function  is allowed. I would not use "Close" or "Destroy"
       with a low timeout, though.  The LeaveCommand can be handy
       for a tidy desktop. Experiment with:

            Module FvwmAuto 0 Nop Lower
            Module FvwmAuto 0 Nop Iconify


       FvwmAuto just appeared one day, nobody knows how.
       FvwmAuto was simply rewritten 09/96, nobody knows by whom.

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